This policy brief was written for the GEF/UNEP on Sustainable Urbanization - 2014 













 K2J Environmental LLC Services:

  • Environmental Management
    • Compliance Program Development, specializing in:
      • Global electronics compliance - including WEEE, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, REACH, and Ozone Depleting Substances
      • Solid and hazardous waste management
    • Environmental and Safety Risk Evaluation
    • Environmental Assessments, Auditing and Contaminant Investigation
  • Sustainability
    • Sustainable Cities - policy development, planning and implementation
    • Greening of organizations
    • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Support
    • Calculation of Carbon, Water and Waste Footprint
    • White papers on international environmental issues
  • Energy Policy and Strategy
    • Energy Planning - traditional and renewable
    • Feasibility studies for renewable energy sources - solar, wind, biodiesel
    • Environmentally conscious mining for minerals, oil and gas