International Speaking Engagements:


Energy Africa Conference "Innovative Approaches to Financing Energy Projects", Golden, Colorado, October 2015

MicroGrid World Forum in Irvine, California on the opportunity and imperative of micro grids in Africa , September 2013

Webinar - "Doing Business in a Regulated Africa" for Compliance and Risks Ltd - August 2013

Advised the Government of Guyana on its governance of the Basel, Stockholm and Rotterdam Conventions - December 2012

US UK Niger Investment Forum, London 2012

African Presidential Center Roundtable on Energy Security, Johannesburg 2012

African Energy Indaba, Johannesburg 2012

African Presidential Center Roundtable on Energy, Mauritius, 2011

International Conference on Recycling, Madrid, 2008

K2J Environmental LLC was established in October 2010 as an international consultancy specializing in environmental management, sustainability and energy, with a focus on the US, Africa and the Caribbean. With over 30 years experience serving clients in North America, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, K2J Environmental's founder, Dr. Ken Jennings, has developed a reputation for innovative, thorough and sustainable solutions to environmental and energy issues based on his unique perspective from experience in government and industry.

He is further leveraging his expertise as an Adjunct Professor of Environmental Management at the University of Maryland (UMUC).

K2J's clients include fortune 500 businesses, small business enterprises, the UN Environmental Programme, and mining concerns in southern Africa.